Buttermilk bread and chicken carcass soup

with the early itchings of a small cold coming.. Waking up with dry nozzle scratchy throat.. Sniffles ..

It’s gotta be chicken carcass soup all those Jewish moms cannot be wrong!

And the discovery of two excellent @franklinsfarm super run-free range chicken bodies it’s game on..

First starting with the veggies .. Turnips, red onion ( forgot that it’s the brown onion skin that makes it a lovely colour..oops).. Garden fresh thyme and rosemary, French garlic, Scottish carrots , Yorkshire celery, Bristol blend pepper and a small handful of Maldon salt.. ( of which I will be journeying out with my attorney to go and collect sea water and make our own..).. 


Then adding the chopped carcasses..

And topped with reverse osmosis water..

Boiled for three hours.. 

Then the chicken picked clean of edible pieces.. 


Added to fresh brussel tops..

 Turnip, potatoes, carrots, green onions, pink onions, spring greens, and corn..


Then the strained chicken carcass juices added..with a handful of baby pasta..

 Boiled up.


It tastes heaps better than perhaps it looks.. And the bestest thing is that the whole kitchen and out in the street smells like ‘proper’ autumnal  cooking ..

So onto the bread..


170 brown flour

170 white flour 

Teaspoon of baking soda

Teaspoon of salt

Carton of buttermilk (280ml)

Into the processor


( haven’t cut my finger was trying to show thumbs up!)👍

Slashed and dusted with flour

Into an oven at 220 for half hour only!


With fresh butter


Gonna have it for supper too!

You have to make this bread.. It’s superb! 



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16 replies

  1. I smiled when you said you’d be journeying with your atty. to collect the salt! Did he make you sign a disclaimer? The soup looks lovely, hope you’re feeling better now!

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  2. Mmmm, both of these look so tasty. That bread looks awesome, I’m a total bread person so I need to try this. Thank you for sharing with us at Throwback Thursday, we hope to see you again this week.

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  3. A fabulous soup! A lot of work for someone who’s not feeling good! Feel better soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. How is your cold? Gone I bet with that wonderful soup. As I read I could smell the soup cooking.

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  5. The soup and the bread look amazing! I bet your kitchen smelled amazing!

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  6. Looks great! I look forward to seeing a post about your salt!

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  7. Feel better, Jewish Penicillin it’s good for what ails you! Delish with the bread.

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