Doubled up quantities Irish soda bread.. #bakingsundays 

decided to go bigger..

Doubled the amounts..


680 approx (our scales are wonderful yet a little difficult to get any ‘in between’ numbers..

Two teaspoons of baking powder 

Two teaspoons of salt

One of sugar

Two cartons of buttermilk .. About 560 ml..

Mixed up by hand.. I hate gloopy hands.. As a child dirty hands were my nemesis .. Still are to be fair.. Blood and guts from beasts no problem.. Icky gloopy sticky hands from dough and the like.. No chance! 

Slashed , dusted with flour.. 

Into a hot oven at 200 degrees real money for half hour only..of course ‘tapping’ the bottom to hear that empty kinda sound.. 


Check that out huh? 

Yeah… Loving it #theoldcountry #irishrecipes  

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