Teryaki Aubergine stirfy Chine-easy curry sauce noodles … speedy tasty an vegan!

Well there you go.. a bunch of words in that title.. 

I really get a hankering for Chinese style foods.. yet often really disappointed when i go and score some from the takeouts nearby.. and trust me I have tried most of them in a fever style want! Sure sometimes you get a result yet too often a poor hit..

So to fix this issue? Feck it.. make’em..

And this time out..they are veganised .. not intentionally… just because 

Speedy I said right?

Check this out.. 


#unclebens wok screeching hot, chopped aubergine ( as we all know that there is really no such thing as an ‘eggplant’ ..)

Then organic teryaki shaken over..

A bag of store bought veg stuff.. 

store bought fresh noodles , ok I could have soaked some.. nah.. 

and finally hit up with some #bluedragon Chinese curry sauce 

Pics to help you understand what I am trying to type maybe? 

Pretty right?


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