The intriguing story of the sherbet lemon

This story began way back.. Way back..

Remember the candyman? The post before? No? Do take. Look at the post.. It’s where the story begins..

There will be more about this wonderful sweet.. And let me share with you why..

This is homemade candy.. By a curious chap who is nearing 80 years of age.. And a tremendous candy maker who has traveled the world doing confectionary for a passion ..

He made the sweet for chitty chitty bang bang… Worked with willy wonka .. And many more sugary tales..

I plan to learn as many as I can from him..

His name is Dave.. And he has to be one if the most intriguing people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.. And it took a good while to find him..

It’s liking looking for the source of the Nile.. Many will try to head you off course.. yet I stuck with it.. and blinkin happy I did!

I had saved two of these delicious delights.. as proof that I was tracking him. Not in a stalky way.. More in a Indiana jones way..

This tale would/will/may make a great movie !

Well I finally got word on the location ..

And set off to discover the holy lemony sherberty grail.. The master of sorts ..

On approach it seemed unassuming.. Yet once inside the Alladins cave of candy it soon became clear that this was a very special place.. a place that few would find .. let alone discover..

I showed the sugar I had kept.. and got a strange look ..

Then they showed me to the back of the store .. Where the magic happens.. home made machinery turns out the best sweets of the finest quality..

Dave has made these over the years , and when I arrived they were making sugar peanuts.. I arrived just in time to watch the sugar ninja master at work..

Handholding the long line of treats.. I watched as a length of gloop became the most wonderful sweet peanuts.. and got to taste them fresh.. this is cool.. it’s like getting into a illicit lab..

After knowing nods .. we began to chat..

I leave this there for now..

I am returning soon .. I got an invite to return.. We will be making sherbet lemons ..








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13 replies

  1. Went back to read from the start about the candyman 🙂 looking forward to the next part of the story 🙂


  2. This story is intriguing. And what a find indeed! These old fashioned sweets like sherbet lemons and sugary nuts really take me back. I look forward to following your sweet adventure.


  3. I love sherbet lemons, my Grandmother always used to have them. I look forward to the story continuing.



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