BBQ bread and Chicken on a stick

Mrs Fitz is the breadmaker in this house.. Delicious soda breads being the highlight..

I have taken over the duty this time though as had a thought for flatbreads .. Gotta be simple right?

Found a recipe ‘from ‘ Jamie Oliver so halved it and gone for it..

250 grams of self raising flour (I really like the double dragon brand)

250 grams of natural yoghurt

Half a tablespoon of salt

Half a table spoon of baking powder

That’s all!

Put into the food processor and pulsed till a dough

Kneaded a little and cut and rolled into rounds..

Heated the weber.. till STOOPID a clock !

Bread onto the bars.. Lid on. One minute each side.. perfectly puffy hot flatbreads.

The chicken had been marinated in tandoori spices, threaded onto the skewers and cooked on the last of the heat. That coal I have right now just doesn’t stay hot for long!

A salad of watercress and spinach . With wild garden chives and a slice of wild garlic leaf..

The cherry-tomatoes I always like to squeeze till they pop and lose most of the watery seeds and juice.. I recommend doing this inside the bin though!

Simple salad dressed with lemon juice and olive oil ..

Put it all together . Add a dollop of natural yoghurt and eat it up!

(Ok.. I have to admit to something .. I kinda got the measurement wrong on the salt when I added it. I tried to be all fancy pants with measuring spoons. Ahem .. And I think I must have actually doubled the salt.. Maybe even more.. Say two thirds?.. YES it was salty..)










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9 replies

  1. Hi! i’m Simi an italian food blogger! i follow your blog ! is very beautiful! greetings from Italy!


  2. Wow! You make it look so easy. Plus super delicious.


  3. Impressive at 600 degrees! These look,divine. Is it Big Hands or small sandwich? Anyhoo, I made a (not so similar) thing tonight yet with lamb and chickpea + flatbread. Ginger & Buddy had asparagus and liver. Thanks for bring’n to the party!


  4. Wasn’t Double Dragon a game from the late 80s? In any case, this looks pretty damn tasty. Coming to your blog makes me miss the food of home. Big tasty flavours, more meat than is wise and all with some element of understatement. Great stuff mate.



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