Happy as a flaming pig in…. Peas! (& lettuce)

Found a piece of the suckling pig that my attorney sent me for Christmas .. Cool ! I love it when you find things you had forgotten about ..

Suckling pig is not Mrs Fitz’s idea of fun so it’s tuna steaks for her supper.. Simply tossed in creole spices , cooked in a dry pan and served with a dressed salad.. served with soft boiled eggs, check the yolks on them huh? Yeah. that’s right!


This piece was from the middle of the pig, and had already been rolled up with herbs porchetta stylee, so a little anointment with oil and sea salt and into the oven really low for one and a half hours .. Then out and heat on full, back into the oven to finish up..

The peas?

My favouritist (yes that is a word ).. way of having peas .. finely chopped onion.. shallot would be ideal yet I am currently out of them , fried in a little butter.. the can of French petit pois added water and all.. bubble bubble then add chicken stock and a delicious fresh lettuce , I suppose you could use veg stock and then it would make for a fantastico veggie taurean dish , a really strong ham bone stock would be stunning .

Let if reduce a bit yet not too far . Thicken with arrowroot if whatever else you have to hand ..

It’s also the first season of the Cornish new potato, and I managed to score some from my pal Luke from Lukes local produce.. Cornwall is flippin miles away.. so aint too sure what counts as local.. don’t care though because just simply boiled with grey French salt they are delicious . we shared them between the pig and the fish dishes.. Adding them to both the peas and the chopped salad . Wonderful !

Chop the piggie up .. Flambé it with calvados , then add it to the peas..

Freaking lovely.

An added bonus of enough left over for a lunch tomorrow ..

Wonder what else I might find in that chest freezer.. Hmmmm 20140519-072246-26566763.jpg








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  1. Yum yum yum! That piggy went to market.



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