Mr Wentworth or Cora Murley?


You know the Elvis songs ?

You ain’t nothing but a hound daag?

Don’t step on my blue suede shoes?

How about fusing both together and trying to work out which one of these major ‘premium’ criminals ate just the one of my shoes ??? Yup just one ..

What do you reckon?

The csi investigation has shown that it is possibly both of them … As both their ‘samples’ show compromising evidence … Ahem ..

Either way they appear to have been incredibly clever at removing the suede part of the shoe .. Just one mind you.. Nibbled all the way around ..

I reckon I know who started this sneaky eatey mission during the wee hours if darkeness..

Humph …




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7 replies

  1. Looking pretty innocent to me. Agreeing with Mike on this one, you must have let a squirrel in the house.


  2. The Milton Keynes Two (MK2) are victims of class justice. The vicious owning class pronounces itself police judge and jury ( and “reality”TV show) and then goes through the farce called a trial. Hey and guess what? The MK2 found guilty. Never mind the evidence planted so blatantly in their stools … (To be continued till the two are free)

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  4. with that lovely look I would forgive them 🙂



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