Leftover beef & store cupboard pie

The end of the beef is insight.. And it had fed is we all week pretty much!

It’s amazing just how long one piece of top rump can last .. And I think pretty amazing on how many meals you can get from it..

This was the finale for this piece of beast..

And what more fitting than a pie?

Pie is great.. Great .. Desperate Dan loved em..

And what better than to use all the ingredients you already have in your cupboard, (ok the pastry came out of the freezer)..

Sitting comfortably?

Then let’s begin..

Chopped roscoff onion.. Fried in goose fat with French herbs and Bristol blend pepper.. adding the drained jar of chanterelles .. The chopped leftover beef.. chopped tin of new potatoes..

Adding the packet of peppercorn sauce..

Now at this point you may be exclaiming “But what are you doing here Mr Fitz, Where is the fresh produce you love do much?”.. Or perhaps something a bit stronger !!!

Well .. All these products are top notch. Brilliant store cupboard items and exactly what is called for in this kind of occasion.. So there ..

Once all gloppy mix is mixed.. Adding some veal jus powder to pump up the flavour ..

Rolled out the pastry and placed onto a buttered pie plate, heaped the filling on the top.. None of your fanciful blind baking malarkey here!

The lid placed on top.. And gently moulded into shape.. Brushed with egg wash and simply cooked at 175 (real money) degrees till golden..

This is a real pie .. A proper pie.. I think so anyhoo.. It ate real well with just a dollop of stokes ketchup to help out..

Leftovers.. Store cupboard items.. Great supper..








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  1. Top looking pie Monsieur Fitz! Loving the pastry twiddled – very professional.


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