Butchers and black bean lamb and fried rice

I went off to see my pal Ian at e lees and sons butchers in earls barton.. It’s a bit of a trek for me yet I needed to go out that kind of way anyways ..

Good to catch up with him and hear about his American adventures.. He spent a month touring about ..

As they are truly a proper butchers , in that they choose the best beasts and try and use as much as possible .. I love talking to him about butchery and what they do with various bits and pieces..

While doing this Ian kindly gave me a barton pastie.. Full fat homemade pastry, with a filling of meat veggies and gravy.. very good to be honest.. Pastry being full fat was evily delightful!

Anyhoo .. Picked up various bits offa him.. Including some spring lamb ..

Marinated it in some garlic black bean paste.. With a splash of olive oil to loosen it a little..

Popped in a hot oven for not very long straight on the bars.. I would have loved to have ‘Q’d this yet the weather right now feels like winter .. Yuck!

My attorney makes this stunning fried rice dish . I forgot to get eggs so had to improvise a little..

Chopped peppers and spring onions.. Roscoff garlic and a frozen red chilli

A sprinkle of chicken powder and five spice..

Fried off in the wok with a little cooks butter .

The rice was from good ol uncle Ben.. Whole grain rice.. Chef ping took care if that and once cooked I added soy , mushroom ketchup and sesame oil into the pack..

Frozen peas added to the mix and all fried up together .. Adding the lamb in at the end..

That was some party of flavours !










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4 replies

  1. mmm – this looks so tasty!
    I like ‘proper’ butchers – that’s an art.
    Emma 🙂


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