English Breakfast sausages

Happy Friday !

I am also happy to be co-hosting Fiesta Friday this week.. Should be good fun.. its over at .. http://thenovicegardener.wordpress.com/

So what to make?

Well my pal the novice gardener knows I like making sausages .. So who am I to disappoint huh?

I have a bunch of lamb skins need using anyway.. They last ages in the fridge drenched in salt.. Keep a good lid on them though as they really can be a bit ‘farmy smelling !’..

They do need to be soaked first.. And slippery delicate buggers to use !

The meat?

A secret recipe incorporating meat from my pal Ian in earls barton with a few choice additions from the spice/herb cupboard..

Hand cranked into the skins. Twisted and left in the fridge to bloom..

I am calling these breakfast sausages as I started making them a just gone 6:45am..Those skins are tricky to get right with this sausage stuffer.. Whilst Mrs Fitz was having her cereal.. And I baking some butter croissants.. They are great! From waitrose you pop them in the oven from frozen .. They just work!

With the left over mash from last nights supper of pie mash and peas. guess what’s for supper!

You always get a bit left over in the stuffing machine.. I like to try get as much out as possible.. Am also thinking recipes for these skinless bangeroonies..

Maybe southern fried sausage nuggets? That sounds cool? Of perhaps a good ol scotch egg ? Hmmm maybe a pie or something with peppers and shallots.. Not sure .. Yet will make another dish to bring to fiesta Friday ..

Better dash.. Shower and get all nice and spruced up..




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  1. I have decided to take the plunge and start making sausages. I need a new project for the summer. I am now hunting for a good smoker and a sausage filler? Any advice? Can’t wait to get started, and look forward to learning some tips from you.


  2. I officially name you the sausage making king!


  3. This is amazing! I love it! How fancy and awesome.:) Making your own sausage looks like lots of fun. I love making everything homemade. Wonderful to find your blog!


  4. Can I put in a vote for scotch eggs? Love’em!! πŸ˜€


  5. I’m so impressed! I have never made my own sausages, but I may have to change that in the future. Thanks for co-hosting! πŸ™‚


  6. Hey Mr. Fitz! Thanks so much for taking good care of us tonight! And you brought us sausages! Well, we would have been disappointed if you hadn’t! They look wonderful, as usual. πŸ˜€


  7. Wow! You are such a pro at sausage-making! These look amazing!


  8. Mr Fitz… do you ever make beef sausages? (I don’t eat pork) Is it possible to make something like summer sausage from scratch? One of our FAVES. Anyway, I can’t wait to see you all spruced up and I am so glad to meet you. You and Justine what a pair! It is going to be a pretty casual party to be sure. πŸ˜‰


    • Beef sausage ? yup… Scottish recipe.. although i do recall making a brilliant south african number..summer sausage? dont know that? ood to meet you too.. spruced up.. kinda.. am cooking supper!


  9. It seems you’re really a pro in making sausages! Can I order one or two kg?:)


  10. English sausages? Oh my…. .I’m coming right over. You made these from scratch, quite commendable, wow! Thanks for co-hosting Mr. Fitz.


  11. Homemade sausage, wow! This looks like an amazing meal! Thanks for sharing!


  12. Yummmm! Thanks for co-hosting!


  13. Mr Fitz, I need your help bruv on 2 things? Nothing to do with the above post but 1st I need some ground chilli like your standard crushed chilli flakes you can get anywhere but finer where can I get some? 2 I want to do some Hasselback potatoes but don’t like new potatoes and I’m sure you said I’d need a harder potato not a floury one, so king ed and maris pipers while they’ll do there are better pots to use. What are those better pots?


    • Hello Bruv x

      Asian store for the chilli… italians one even better..

      Go Heritage on the spud.. Cyprus also works.. golden wonder if you can get em.. why not grow them.. good time to start right now x


      • Ha ha now you are funny Fitzy me grow ’em? I’m a city kid and a consumer rather than a manufacturer you know this! Also I need them for this weekend and although I know nothing about spud growing I reckon even if I was to plant them now chances are they wont be ready for Sunday.


      • What’s with the super fine chilli? Would cayenne do it? You should grow them bruv ! I have some ready for planting you could have.. Just need a bath? Or bags.. Do it! They are real easy. Trust me! Although.. Yeah won’t be ready for Sunday.. Ahem.. Go for the Maris then x I learnt another truck for them.. Put them on a metal spoon and then make the cuts.. You then cannot go through the spud( hopefully) x fan them out.. Warm up butter till liquid in the pan.. Add some French herb de Provence .. And some mrs Middletons .. Wash the fanned spuds in it then roast.. Hmmm maybe I’m gonna do them too..


      • Well the fine chilli doesn’t have to be super super fine but finer than the usual flakes, I sometimes get the flakes and with a knife and chopping board, pestle and mortar, pestle and sieve make a finer mix but its time consuming and to be honest for the amount of effort the fine chilli pile isn’t that high so last time I did it I said I wasn’t going to bother again. Just need for a little minced pork dish chilli’s the right flavour as opposed to cayenne but cayenne’s the right consistency. Having said that I’ve never tried it with cayenne I’m just making assumptions based on taste might have to give it a go to prove or disprove the theory/guess. I just find when I use crushed chilli flakes that its a bit ‘bitty’ if you know what I mean.

        Thanks for the spud advice but no I wont be growing my own, even before you mentioned ‘bath’ I wasn’t going to be involved but that reference reassured me my path as a non potato grower is definitely the correct one for me. I will however be using the cooking advise looking forward to Sunday dinner and its only Friday night!!


      • am convinced you will grow ya own man x as we both know.. a grow ya own product .. ahem .. is much finer! .. hmm ok cayenne.. its gotta be the italian chilli whizz it in the coffee grinder, ?


  14. Ohhh la la, I love this!!! Sausage and Croissants, I’m very hungry now! What a cool/unique thing to share for FF, & thanks for co-hosting!!


  15. This is very impressive, Mr Fritz! Just WOW!
    Enjoy co-hosting and have fun! πŸ™‚


  16. I never try making my own sausages! They look delicious with croissants πŸ™‚ Thanks for co-hosting today!


  17. Very impressed with your sausage making prowess so early in the morning! Great tip about the croissants. Will look out for them…thanks! Enjoy Fiesta Friday, you and Justine will be fabulous co-hosts!!!!


  18. Gosh how cool to have your own sausage machine!
    But Poor Mrs Fitz – does she mind you stuffing sausages as she’s trying to have her morning cereal?!!
    Thank you so much for co-hosting today.
    Have a good one!
    Emma πŸ™‚


  19. Oh wauw! Amazing that you make your own sausages! Now I feel like eating sausages… Happy Fiesta Friday!


  20. Good morning Mr Fitz and co host with me. wow you actually make your own sausages, I am almost scared and how yummy also. I feel very confident that you will be also able to help with crowd control with the party yes? Grins…there are a few naughty party goers already waking up! xx


  21. That’s amazing that you make your own sausages! Thanks for co-hosting! Yay for Fiesta Friday!

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