Lunch at balas.. Been a while

We love going off lunch at balas .. Problem is it’s in a real. ‘Cracked ‘ up kinda street .. You have to time it right so you miss the dealers and pimps..

They don’t eat there yet seem that the street and betting shop just by is their cup of tea..

Seriously !

However they do sell the best samosa chaat on the PLANET!

It’s stunning.. Hand made samosas with chola. ( chick pea number) .. Salad and sauces . With a cold Miranda it’s just perfect .. Me and Mrs Fitz just loved it ..

The cost? Negligible !!!

Can I tell you more? Nope..

Just mind the criminals .. They do get very scary post midday ! 20140531-223729-81449748.jpg




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4 replies

  1. Looks wonderful. I’d fight off pimps and drug dealers for some of that :). Too bad I live no where near you…bummer


  2. Mr Fitz, that looks amazing. Really. So I had to have a google – Bedford?


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