Arizona beef ribs with hassleback spuds

Had quite a busy day.. Co-hosting fiesta friday has been a blast.. Great to read so many motivated food lovers journeys..

Supper tonite was an easy pack of Arizona beef ribs.. Why buy the pack and not make them myself? Beef ribs are actually pretty hard for me to get a hold of.. Sure I can get Ian from earls barton or Dave from woburn country to cut me some .. Yet all I wanted for this supper was the meaty bit inbetween.. And also I wanted to try the pack out!

Simply popped covered into the oven for an hour or so..

The real star though is the hassleback spuds.. Taken bakers.. Placed onto a metal serving spoon.. This stops you slicing the spud all the way through.. Making cuts all the way along..

Then chopping up some wild rosemary. And roscoff garlic. Adding tillycherry pepper and Himalayan salt..

Stuffing a little of this into each cut. Finally dredging in mrs Middletons oil that has been pimped with dried Italian chilli’s..

Into the oven till crispy.. Basting a couple of times.. I was going to brush them with iberico pork fat.. Yet decided to keep it vegetarian ..

A salad of baby plum toms , shallot and Steve’s leaves .. Leaving the shallot and tom first in oil salt pepper and white wine vinegar..

Served with wild chives, (I call these wild because I planted them over a decade ago and they just keep returning! ).. Some of butcher daves black bacon.. I like the cap/tail of the bacon.. Good fat to meat ratio..

And sour cream..

All played up and devoured..

Those spuds are just genius.. They do take longer than you think though.. Not too long .. Just a bit longer than you think. 20140601-090703-32823400.jpg









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30 replies

  1. Your potatoes look delicious, what a great idea, thanks for sharing!


  2. oh I love hassleback potatoes, that looks like a brilliant dinner!!


  3. A really great idea, love it, do you have any leftover? 🙂


  4. These Hassleback looks great ….


  5. I love hasselbacks potatoes and yours look delicious! As does the beef ribs and after reading your blog I must go and cook dinner it made me so hungry! 🙂


  6. cant believe i looked at this again ggrrr so tempting i am def trying those potatoes x


  7. This looks great! Damn, every time I read your posts, I get hungry… And I just ate!


  8. Mmmm why didn’t you invite me over for dinner….meanie …that looks really delicious I shall have to try potatoes that way too!


  9. I am glad to know that you enjoyed hosting FF18 with Justine, Mr. Fritz. 😀
    And what a lovely and delicious supper for tonight. Save some potatoes for me, please! 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



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