Super garlic chicken & just jerseys

Still having a freezer full of chicken means that chicken has to feature on out supper menus ..

Gone for a simple supper..

Half a fat free range chicken ..

Slathered in morrocan spiced pimped mrs Middletons oil..

Tillypepper and Himalayan salt providing the seasoning

Placed on top of lots of garlic, wild rosemary and some preserved lemons.. Why all the garlic? Well it needs eating! I thought it would be cool.. And it was!

A splash of white wine and popped into the oven.. Proper tender chicken with a great flavour.. You would think that using that much garlic would over power the chuck.. NOPE.. Just a subtle hint. Weird really.. Maybe the lemons knocked out the power of the garlic somehow ? The kitchen smelt great though!

Just jerseys? I was very lucky to lay my hands on some fantastic jersey royals.. I know a guy that knows a guy.. Ahem..

Proper jersey royals.. Grown the traditional way with seaweed and stuff .. Fantastic spuds.. Like seriously fantastic ..

Don’t feck around with these.. Simply adding bay leaves , butter, Himalayan salt and Bristol blend pepper..

And that was supper.. Simple and simply delicious..







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  1. Loovve the flavors of garlic, rosemary, and lemon!


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