Honorato artisan burgers Lisboa

It’s champion leagues day in Lisbon.. That calls for a champion pre match snack..

Took a stroll along the promenade (probably called something else yet that’s what it feels like).,

And saw this place.. Ok the rise of the artisan burger is crazy worldwide, I am sure that we can all agree on that..

Yet what makes a good ‘artisan’ burger place great?

Hmmm ..

Well in my book it’s naturally the burger.. Yet I don’t want that to be the only player . I want more stars.. And not the type that appear on a clowns badge..

Let’s see if Honorato burger can step up into the ring .

Initial thoughts?

Cool music.. Cool confident smiley staff.. A winner!

Big choice of toppings.. Went for my servers advice..

He explained that Honorato specialises in not only burgers yet gin & tonics!

Really? A Gin and burger joint? Now that is bang new to me!

After being asked how I like my gin . Sweet, dry, sour.. Strong in flavours?

Feck how do I know ? I always felt confident ordering a Hendricks with cucumber yet I have a feeling I am dealing with something a little cooler than that right now., !!

So I ask for his choice in a sour..

Took a seat outside and look around..

The cleaning is impeccable .. Am sure I must be an early eater as here are a few people partaking yet they look for sure like they are preparing for a big evenings battle! (Even the metal strip/ramp is being lifted and cleaned.. Are the guys just new or is that really the protocol? Either way it impresses me..

The waitress even washing her hands before taking a picture in my phone for me!

The burger? Gone for a choice with egg, bacon, trimmings.. Sans cheese..

I am swiftly brought the gin.. The kind a fish could swim in..

The gin is explained to me. I can feel my wallet tightening. A sip quickly turns into a gulp. It’s good.. Like really darn good!

The burger arrival breaks my gin moment. Probably for the best!

It arrives with no dairy as requested . And for those that know it’s fries that is either:

A) passion/obsession over hand cut fresh fries

B) grumping and muttering curses as to why people can’t make them from fresh and real spuds!

These are good.. Not the worlds best yet good.. Mish mashed sizes crispy and soft .. Pre seasoned so I cannot over salt them.


I can see the sacks of spuds waiting to be chipped so they ain’t just for decoration..

I am liking this place.. A lot .. Ok so the bun is a little dry. Yet the burger ticks many boxes.. (As do the fries of course).. I am not offered ketchup though .. Is that not allowed ?

The mix of gin and burger is new .. A good new ? Hmm the jury is out on that for now..

So burger complete . And satisfied I am offered desert. When I ask what’s good and made in house my server says chocolate mousse with a smile that an angel could supply !

How can I refuse?

And it’s wonderful I have to tell you! Wonderful! Too big yet is that really a complaint? Perhaps some extra of the cracking crumbly bits to add in half way through. Because you do miss them!

So while I sit writing this at the table it’s all cleared away . I am not offered another gin. Shame as I reckon I would have had another. Instead the offer of coffee is given. Nah.. No thanks..

Would I come here again? Yup..

In a heartbeat . (I can feel mine after the chocolate mousse!)..

Umm getting the bill seems to take a while and is incorrect .. Not good








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  1. Boy, you look like you live the good life, Mr. Fitz!! We want to be you when we grow up.


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