Fly TAP?

I hadn’t flown with TAP for a while, the journey out to Lisbon was so early in the morning that to be honest I didn’t really notice much.. It musta been comfy as I nodded off for a wee while..

Yet this is the return journey.. Arguably the most important ‘leg’.. The one journey that you just want to work well ..

Did it?

First off .. Why can’t every where have travelators? I love them! I would have them in my house (if it was big enough).. Travelators are cool beans..

The TAP lounge in Lisbon airport? Standard, busy yet they kept things clean and the offerings plenty. I didn’t have much time to be honest so can’t really tell you much more!

The flight? I got seat 1C. Which is good yet does mean that everyone who is a little late boarding gets to stare straight at you as they board the plane .. Time to deploy the mirrored glasses.. That works!

So for lunch , a good offering of food I think.. Some peoples have put some thought into this.. Octopus salad to start, a choice of pappardelle or duck shepherds pie for mains.. one desert of an almond custardy thing .. And a decent wine selection.. A choice if digestifs ,Plus of course the soft drinks etc(although they state Pepsi on the menu yet it’s coca cola they serve ..)

I of course go for the duck shepherds pie.. I don’t know if you really call it shepherds pie.. Do you ‘shepherd’ ducks? Perhaps ‘herders’ pie may be better? Hmmm

Anyhoo it’s pulled/shredded duck with thyme with creamy mash on top.. I think cheese too.. So I managed to skim the top off of it . Hopefully now sans cheese..

Oh the Octopus starter? No chance .. Not for me.. I did have a poke about of it.. is it a strange choice to have on a plane? I think so.

The duck though was very nice .. Apart from a tincy wincy problem.. IT WAS STONE COLD! At first I thought that it perhaps was meant to be like that ? Yet no.. As one little edge had been heated.. Did I complain ? Or even mention it?

Nope.. I was felling very British I guess!

It was good though.. And I imagine if it was hot it would have been great! I am going to try making if though. it’s a good plan.. Mind you anything with mash on top usually works!

The custard pudding was tasty. Like really tasty .. Almonds a plenty..

Now if you take this flight do remember that there is no entertainment .. So take your own!

overall for an airline offering I reckon it was ok indeed .. ( sure forgetting the coldness of the duck)

Through passport control easy..

Waited for the bag.. 56 minutes!! FIFTY SIX MINUTES. Sheesh..

That’s poor .. Very poor.

You know I said the return journey was the most important? The journey was fine.. Good even.. Waiting that long for bags?

Absolutely rubbish. Humph..








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