Bank holiday BBQ, I don’t care what the weatherman says.

It’s May bank holiday.. That means it will rain.. it just has too!

that won’t stop me firing up the coals though.. Yee-haaa!!!!

(Why yee-haa? don’t really know it just felt appropriate..)

Mrs Fitz had kindly already marinated the lamb chops for me in tandoori spices and yoghurt.. So that was nice indeed..

Made up some breads to go with the choppies. this bread is now getting made every time I light the coals .

Easy bread recipe..

250 self raising flour
250 natural yoghurt
Half tbs Himalayan salt
Half tbs baking powder

I omitted the yeast just down to time..

Blitz on pulse in the processor till you get a dough.. Turn out.. Flour and rolling.. Putting on the coals.. Taaa daaa!

Now the choppies.. Grilled on the weber.. allowed to rest whole we caught on on our respective weekend activities..

Into the iron pan with clarified butter..

Perfect quick flatbreads!

Simply served with the chops and a salad . Wonderful .









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