Steak for lunch..

The weather is nasty .. Horrible!

For lunch I needed to make something to cheer up Mrs Fitz..

With a sirloin on the bone sitting pretty in the fridge it had to be the choice …

Now .. The steak itself is a good -un..

Although I decided to pimp it up.. Rubbing it with olive oil and then powdered veal jus …

My attorney talked about this a long time ago .. And Marco Pierre white swears on making a paste of a stock cube with oil and smearing it over pretty much any meat!

It smells frickin delicious ..

Simply cooked in the iron pan.. Sizzled and seared .. Left to rest whilst making a salad..

A salad of bagged leaves , red yellow and orange peppers .. Spring onions and cherry tomatoes .. Dressed in Italian dressing and cut up Spanish croutons .. Brilliant those croutons .

Assembled ?

And dollops of horse radish…

Mrs Fitz seemed happy enough..

It’s still freezing..

Have turned the heating on …




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4 replies

  1. Love horseradish. Its the only thing that makes a steak at my Nan’s house edible 🙂 She’s a dear but her cooking is suffering as she gets older, she still insists though and I still smile and tell her it is wonderful.


  2. Oooh, what’s the drizzle?


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