Eurovision leftover lamb chilli..

After a good weekend if cooking we are still on leftovers..

As we all know chilli gets better with age.. not fur and colour though!

Remember that!

A fresh salsa is required though just to cheer things up..

A tomato, roscoff onion, some jalepenos , parsley, coriander, mint, all gets chopped up.. Added to white wine vinegar and olive oil .. a drop of red pepper ketchup at the end . a lovely fresh salsa to pair with the lamb chilli..

A bagged Italian salad dressed and made to look pretty.

The last of those UTZ tortillas .. It’s official am going to have to get back across the pond to get more..

Sour cream to smooth things together..

Lovely leftover supper though .. Lovely







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2 replies

  1. It does look very good. However, you are not giving away any thoughts about Eurovision. Cheers


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