Ironwood steak house

It rained all day today.. yet still hot and humid.. great for taking the creases outta your clothes.. not so great to work in!!

I needed a supper to stick to me.. and put me to sleeps..

So gone for a steak.. a kansas.. with handcut fries.. lovely properly cooked ‎fries.. like really lovely.. chimchurri sauce and three salts..

Three salts?

Yup.. indeedy

A porcini salt, pink peppercorn salt and a salt they call expresso.. nice kinda chilli salt..

It was a good supper.. am now lying on my bed watching telly

Oh and at breakfast today eggs, sausage and bacon.. errmmm.. and a garnish of a halved strawberry?? What?? A STRAWBERRY?? ‎On a hot plate as a garnish.. go figure!!

I got the second half with my afternoon cake it appears!! Hahhahhah

Strawberry.. garnish.. breakfast? .. still don’t get it..

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