PGA resort West palms

‎Have arrived.. in the dark.. yet woke to wonderful sunshine! Yay!

Just a quick post this one I had a great steak.. no veg.. just steak.. a fillet on the bone.. never had that before.. was very cool and I think the only way I will take fillet again.. check it out!

The guy next to be demolished a good looking burger.. had to take a pic.. very accommodating of him indeed.

Bit weird though.. sitting in the sun with happy holidays music playing.. ! Still I reckon I could get used to it.. you better watch out.. you better look out.. santa claus is coming to town!! (although he may get a little hot in that suit of his.. ) x

Off to the mall for breakfast.. and Tiffany for Mrs Fitz..

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  1. You better watch out, ya better not cry fitzy!! Hahaha


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