Beef stroganoff ..kinda.. a Mr Fitz number 5.. like Channel?

Mrs Fitz likes Got some great leg of beef.. with a wicked piece of marrow bone in it.. and reduced mushrooms.. 19 pence.. for the punnet!! ‎

Fried off with shallots.. the mushrooms.. spiky paprika.. put into the pressure cooker.. with beef stock.. 15 minutes..

When down from pressure added‎ cream and yoghurt.. with grated horseradish.. fresh and hungarian to match the dish.. it tastes very good.. and looking and smelling like it should do.. x

Bubbled it up to reduce and thicken it.. and put into dishes to cool..

Served today for Mrs Fitz’s lunch with wild rice.. and a sprig of parsley.. she liked it.. so winner!

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