Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sausages

‎Keeping in the holiday spirit.. have ‎ made a few (quite a few)!! Turkey sausages..

Have been thinking about these for a while.. and finally after a good conversation with my attorney.. went for turkey.. some Mr Fitz home cured bacon.. the trimmings from getting the slicer a little wrong.. trying to re-adjust!!

The bacon is good.. I set it to cure before the last USA adventure.. it’s a very good quality piece of spring.. from a decent porker.. rinsed and left to dry out a little bit more..

And cranberry sauce.. herbs.. chestnut and sage and onion stuffing.. some extra pin-head rusk.. water.. and some extra pork fat from the freezer..

Stuffed into hogs casings.. these look very good.. am a little worried about the salt levels.. gots a bit carried away with a ham seasoning that I have been given from a pal.. thing is.. it’s industrial grade!! And used for injecting hams to make them taste more ‘hammy’

Any hoo.. they are also blooming in the fridge tonite.. and let’s see how the turn out.. good I say.. like a Christmas supper in a banger.. decided against adding brussel sprouts.. maybe next time..

Should be perfect with buttery mash..

Looking forward to them.. x

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