Christmas sausage rolls

‎Mrs Fitz has one more day at work.. and unlike the last day of school.. where you get to bring in games and stories.. well perhaps these days.. dvd’s.. no‎.. downloads I suppose!! It’s work.. I have work too yet luckily my fantastic clients are also taking some time out of the holidays.. x (ta x)

Yet they do have the added bonus of bringing in sustenance.. Mrs Fitz has baked some of her wonderful bread.. irish style.. style? No IRISH! She is irish ‘proper’ after all!! X

And I have helped by making sausage rolls.. although with a Mr Fitz twist..

Do you recall the turkey, Mr Fitz home cured bacon and chestnut stuffing and cranberry sauce and herb numbers?

Well I poached them and vac packed them ready for such a day as today..

Skinned.. with the addition of extra Mr Fitz Mediterranean bangers.. just a few.. and a good whack of apple puree.. a pinch of french sea salt..

And a wrapping of all butter puff pastry.. into the oven.. 190 the 200.. and oh my frickin life.. Rudolf would do his life for these babies.. I tell ya.. no presents would get delivered if the big man in the red/green suit laid his gloved hands on these puppy’s.. I tell ya!

If I don’t say it.. well actually I will say it.. these are mighty fine..

Not uniform at all. .. like a great freedom fighting army.. they stand to attention.. ummm kinda x

Taste good though!! X

Hope Mrs Fitz office likes them.. if they don’t.. no worries.. I will snaffle them meself x

Suckling pig out and ready for the big day.. one more sleeps to go.. can’t count tonight.. x

Nite nite x

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