Christmas eve.. happy holidays, discount turkey

‎Well here we go huh?

Christmas eve.. the kidz are sleeping.. well should be.. and Father Fitz is over.. my attorney on the other hand appears to have a problem..

Someone ran over his foot!! And it’s broken by all accounts.. an emergency hospital on Christmas eve? Wowsers.. that’s got family feel good movie written all over it!! Yet feck.. hope you cool man x

So Christmas is all about turkey? And the massive expense that people suffer..

Here’s a handy albeit ‘risky’ tip..

Wait till just gone 15:00hrs‎.. hit the nearest waitrose.. pick up the finest birds.. for.. hang on.. sorry to make ya groan if you paid top dollar for a top bird…


Wowee wow wow wowesers.. thats a saving ladies and gentlemen.. and uncle scrooge would be hard pressed to place a cold nose against a frosted window at that!!

So.. after purchasing five of these numbers.. in varying amounts and stuffings.. handed over two in the local pub.. most people having already fallen prey to the.. let’s get the turkey early mistake.. x

Three left… could been greedy and got more..‎nah.. is cool..

So broke two of them down.. like hard! (the other was a norfolk bronze and already jointed and stuffed.. bargain of the year I say!).. x

Mixed up with Mr Fitz home cure bacon.. a fresh batch.. this time from the spring.. will post about that tomorrow.. ‎the stuffing provided in the neck.. and fresh cranberrys all the way from across the pond.. and some pork back fat.. a few herbs, chillis and spices.. one being five spice for a true wintery taste.. x why is it that five spice the undisputed king of Chinese food tastes so christmassy?? Is cool anyways..

Have another problem.. sausage machine not working so hot.. the grinder I think is a little outta shape.. ain’t we all this time of year!! X

So out comes the Jamie Oliver blender.. emulsified ‎with some ice water.. this is a serious mix for bangers.. the smell is wonderful..

Why don’t we get this style of sausage year round? Got to be the price of the meat.. it’s crazy!!

What am I having tomorrow?.. Suckling pig porchetta… and a salmon wellington for Father Fitz.. who has decided he is not eating ‘meat’ this season.. like I don’t like fish all season.. x

Happy Christmas to those that like it.. Happy Holidays and anything thing else to the rest.. x

Nite nite.. got to sleep before the big man in the red suit appears.. I hate these Sci fi numbers.. Hahhahhah x

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  1. Hi Paul. Are you sure you don’t have any Scottish blood in your veins???? Anyways up hope you and yours have a great day. See you soon. XX

    Sent from Samsung Mobile on O2


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