Two Stews.. Lamb & ahem.. a veg..

‎Made two stews tonite.. We have Father arriving tomorrow and he has decided that he is not eating meat this Christmas.. ummmm

Wrong house? X

So am offering in my niceness.. a veg stew.. that actually tastes superb! In the pressure cooker.. 8 mins.. baby spuds, parsnip, swede, garlic, leek, onion, carrots, red cabbage, green cabbage.. and great veg boo-lee-on.. ‎.. the swedish one.. home grown herbs.. and some pimped Mrs Middleton’s lebanese oil..

And I tell you what it’s superb!

Used the same mix yet added two pound plus of lamb shoulder and the bone.. and shake of lamb stock.. with a shake of a polish seasoning.. a bunch of water.. and pressured cooked for 13 minutes.. OH MY GOD!! Or is it OMG? .. wild flavours..

Served with toast.. buttered of course.. x

I didn’t mention lunch.. x we went turkish.. that will follow still lip smackin the lamb stew.. x

Nite nite.. 3 sleeps till the big guy comes.. x

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  1. Wow. Susie, my daughter, is vegetarian and you have given me a super new dish. I have never thought of cooking a vegetable stew before! Why I don’t know it is so obvious. Ho Hum!!!


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