Jack’s Mac Cheese +++

‎A lovely store cupboard dish from me pal Jack..

Got back from Scotland yesterday and hadn’t got anything in for dinner tonight so raided the cupboard and the fridge and came across a pack of huge pasta shells that were still within their use by date but what to do with them.

I also had some St.Agur blue cheese in the fridge, a HG red pepper, a HG garlic bulb, the last of my HG onions, the dregs of a jar of roasted peppers and some sun dried tomatoes.

I boiled the pasta in salted water for about 20 mins. In the meantime I fried the onion, peppers, garlic, the roasted peppers and tomatoes until cooked through. I also made the cheese sauce with a flour and butter roux, milk, the St. Agur cheese, some grated Cheddar and a dash of English mustard.

When everything was ready I added the pasta, the sauce and a small tin of drained sweet corn, mixed it together, heated it through and served it in bowls on it’s own.

Delicious! I also added a dash of sweet chilli sauce to my plate, a bit too sweet but a pinch of chilli in the veg or the sauce as it cooks could make an even better dish.

Either way it has been added to my favourite recipes. You should try it!

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