Nachos and lamb sausages

‎We were gonna have people over today for lunch.. yet due. To their illness they cannot make it.. hope they all get well soon.. x

So I had a bit of lamb that was going to be cooked along with the beef and pork joints.. I had been asked a while back by me old pals Andy, Jimmy and Arthur about lamb sausages.. and they didn’t know.. well apart from the occasional ones you see instores.. and of course the most WONDERFUL MERGUEZ!! Feck you cannot beat Merguez.. yet this time..

‘straight’ lamb.. we ll Mr Fitz ‘straight’ hahaha x

Also had some lamb leg steaks marinated.. they needed eating.. so all chopped up.. mint, garlic, rosemary ‎, sea salt, pepper, cinnamon, mace.. umm anything else? Ahh yes.. 4 apricots chopped.. and a splash of balsamic.. all the flavours that suit lamb very well x all passed through the mincer.. mincer number 2.. a little coarser..

Stuffed into sheep’s casings.. tricky them sometimes.. and these were tricky.. ‎a couple of tear’s.. shifted from the machine to the hand cranker instead halfway through..

They look and smell very good indeed..

Have dropped them off to the boys.. (swapped for a couple of pints).. hope they like them!!

And we had nachos.. great crunchy chips.. a Mr Fitz chilli.. with a good dollop of sour cream with chives.. salsa.. and green jalepenos.. delicious indeed! (red cheese for Mrs Fitz also x)

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