Wiadomość ze strony internetowej (My request for info re the smoked fish)

Good on Jack for requesting this!!

Here is the reply I got from the Polish fish farm re the attached text that I sent to them after our discussion about how we might buy some for Mrs Fitz.

The translator they used has created some wonderful words that has confused me.

I will show it to Wojciech and see if he can make sense of it. But I think the essence of it is that there is that the smoking is done by the old women I mentioned in her home.

Watch this space!

‎Halo Jack,

We are producing a lot of fish Salmonidae, the most of it ,s rainbow trout , we have a very good quality water and use the best fishfeed , this way our fish is very good.

But we spend only fresh fish ( a live on in ice).

The smoked one are maked some people Who lives in home when we have biuro.

They basic on old hand maked metod of smoked and becouce that fish have another smell and is much better than from super market.

Problem is that You may bay it only in Miastko, anybody did’ t sell it across border .

When You came to Miastko may buy that fish but earlier you have to some order.


Bożenna Kacperska

Chef of produktion of AQUAMAR‎

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