‘Fake’ flat iron steak and smashed potatoes

There is much talk in various circles about ‘different’ cuts of steaks..

The World Cup fever is for sure setting in and cuts like the picanha are making a long overdue feature in almost all good stores yet a at good price also!

It’s the cap of the rump .. And we are having it soon.. So more on that later!

Today’s cut is a fake flat iron cut. Fake? Well it’s not quite the flat iron.. Yet you cannot tell the difference I swear!

Butcher Ian put me into this one. It’s part if the chuck.. So a good butcher will charge you the proper price rather than a more unscrupulous one that may perhaps pass this delicious cut as something else..

I got three steaks out this.. So that’s pretty darn cool and a cost effective way of eating fine steak!

These steaks were simply cooked on an iron pan.. And basted with bone marrow and black truffle butter..Simply made by roasting marrow bones.. Scooping out.. Adding to butter and grating Mr Wentworths black truffle..


Went for smashed spuds as they seem to be all the rage at the moment.. There was a great article in the New York Times about them. My attorney made some a while back and loved em.. Jeff Parker reminded me of them in his post the other day.. He ‘Q’s them..

Boiled the small Maris pipers..

I pimped them up a bit.. Adding a good drizzle of my roscoff garlic mrs Middletons oil..salt and pepper..

Add spooning on iberico pork fat. Oh man that stuff is great!! Like proper great! You need it in your life..

Adding some chestnut mushrooms, and roasting them off in the oven.. The potatoes went crispy and lovely.. I do think a slightly more waxy spud may be better for this .. Yet you could not escape the deliciousness!!

Green beans simmered in refined cooks butter , herbs de Provence and reverse osmosis water.. Seriously!

Great supper! The mushrooms in particular were stunning.. Yet you cannot escape that steak.. Stunning! 20140615-084450-31490686.jpg






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  1. Oh my goodness, look at those pictures! Yum! 🙂



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