English breakfast bangers..

Happy Father’s Day to all..

What better than a Sunday sausage sandwich?

And what even better if you had made those sausages yourself? If you don’t make your own sausages.. NOW is the time to start! You control what goes into them .. and what a great stress buster!

I couldn’t let my pals over at fiesta friday down here…

Lamb casings these.. Very delicate.. Yet provide a superior skin for a smaller sausage if you are asking..

The sausage mix was made by taking the pork and beef trim I got from butcher Dave and adding a secret blend of Mr Fitz seasonings.. Think along the lines of a Cumberland classic yet with extra oomph ..

I have now taken to making batches of the sausage meat.. This means I can control the portions!

Slip the skins into the nozzle .. A hand cranking machine is needed here due to the delicate nature of the lamb skins.. And crank away…

Link as prefered .. And you have to leave them to bloom overnight in the fridge, you can cook them straight away if you choose.. Yet overnight the flavours meld and the skins fill up on their magical own..

So then..

What better to wake up and cook these Keith Richards stylee ? Into a cold pan with one of those really neat metal diffusers underneath.. This means you can pop back into bed and not worry about them burning..

This slow Sunday sausage cooking fills the kitchen with dreamy wafts of loveliness .. Enough to wake up the hounds!

They actually met me in the kitchen staring at the pan!

Gotta be buttered white sliced. Not the greatest for you yet that’s what is needed to create this Sunday sausage sarnie..

sauce of your choice.. A dollop of red for us…

Happy fiesta friday… Happy Father’s Day… Happy sausage making..









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5 replies

  1. Happy Fiesta #20, Mr Fitz! Your last photo is saying, “Ta da!”. And, your dogs are saying, “Don’t take all to the Fiesta.”. 🙂


  2. Wow. Impressive! And looks so good.



  1. Fiesta Friday #20 | The Novice Gardener

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