Curing bacon and use-up keema samosas

Time to cure more Mr Fitz’s bacon..

Got this good reduced cut of belly in the store.. Perfect for bacon! Once you make your own bacon there is no return.. No more snotty bacon.. No more expensive ‘artisan’ prices..

It’s blinkin simple too!

Rind off just for ease of cutting after..

Using around 30 to 40 grams of cure.. Google will help you make the cure.. It’s far easier than it may seem..

Hoping that it don’t go to salty! Should be cool..

Adding creole spices .. Never tried that so let’s see what happens..

Rubbed all over and zip locked.. Into the fridge and it needs turning each day.. A day per half inch of thickness plus two days.. Then washed and left again in the fridge uncovered it hung in a cool place for another couple of days ..although you can eat it after the cure is done.. I reckon this is a four day piece ..

That’s the bacon set to cure..

The samosas? Made them for a lunchtime snack..

The left over mix from the paratha thingies .. Into defrosted samosa pastry .. not my fave yet it was in the freezer.. And this is all about using up leftovers and store cupboard items..

Folded into the ubiquitous triangle..

Fried in mrs Middletons oil..

Out of ikea brown paper! So had to stand them up on paper towels..I can see a trip to ikea soon.. We need some new glasses anyhoo… Ahem… How much paper can I use to roll up a couple of glasses .. Hmmm!!!

Served with a salsa.. Out if a bottle !!

Very tasty I must say!!

That keema is being stretched real well.. From the lettuce cups.. To the parathas to the samosas.. Little bit left.. Check out lunch tomorrow!







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4 replies

  1. They look delicious, I love samosas!


  2. Nice looking bacon… I love curing my own too!


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