Fish and chips supper

Contrary to many beliefs .. Just because we live in England doesn’t mean we eat a lot if fish and chips..

Very much the opposite !

Sure there are the romantic notions of fish and chips by the sea.. (And it does taste better by the sea! ).. Yet we don’t live near the sea..

Yet with all the will in the world Mrs Fitz struggles to get me to eat fish at all .. I just don’t like it..

I think it has to do with the way it’s caught.. The big nets and ‘drowning’ in air and all that.. It’s pretty gruesome !

And I don’t think that line caught is any better really.. If I did that with chickens someone would say its cruel…

Anyways enough .. Off the soapbox and into the frying pan.. And the oven..

Sea bass for Mrs Fitz.. Simply pan fried in a little butter ..

Some kinda white fish for me out if a frozen box.. I dressed it up a bit by adding iberico pork fat.. It worked..

The chips?

Skinny fries .. Fried fresh and topped with salt and vinegar ..

Petit pois simmered with fresh mint as the veg..

Fish and chips… Still not a fan…20140625-074741-28061874.jpg




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7 replies

  1. Something tells me the pups prefer the aroma of a good steak too 🙂


  2. lol my husband isn’t a fish or shellfish fan either I love fish and chips and have just started a family diet of cutting down red meat and sugar and eating more fish you would hate it!


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