Keema ‘parathas’ (leftovers)

It’s leftover lunches for me today..

Using up the keema..

Robbed a few of the boiled spuds from Mrs Fitz’s saucy salmon lunch..

Chopped with a spoon mixed with the keema and a couple of spoons of a saag thingy .. A fantastic tub of greeny goodness.. Desi saag.. Mama picked it up for me on her travels.. I wish I could get it around here.. It’s delicious!

Am going for gold chappati flour .. I think it makes a difference..

Now I wish I could get these right properly! Although I have to admit they are very good..

Made the dough.. It’s just water and flour.. Kneaded a little and left in the fridge .. Rolled into balls..

Rolled out a little and the wonderful mix placed inside folded back up and lightly rolled again..

Cooked on the iron plate.. A little olive oil.. Just to crisp them up.. And cool them through ..

Now .. Just a note of caution here..

When you roll them out .. Don’t place them on top of each other .. They stick.. Feck..

Yet then mushed together and olive oil on the top.. It was an interesting experiment.. And worked to be fair!! Good one!

This is a good leftover dish.. Using up the keema.. Although due to my strange proportions we now have more leftovers.. Although if a new nature!!

This mix would also make great samosas ..







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  1. Love it! Never tried Keema paratha before. Looks delicious thx for sharing your recipe.😊Now looking fwd to that Keema samosa.😉


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