Christmas desi saag lamb

Am still on use up mode.. It’s a good practice every now and then .. Really helps clean down the stores..

Supper was born from finding this great piece of lamb neck fillet..

So why Christmas in the title of this post?

Because according to the packet the lamb was supposed to be used up by Christmas Day.. 2013!!

See that’s what happens when you start looking deep deep into the freezer! No ‘freezer burn’ on the meat so cool!

Pink onions chopped and put to fry in clarified butter.. Frozen green chilli and frozen ginger (red ticket purchases!) chopped and added.

The lamb fillet chopped and added without browning it first.. This is a one pan number..

Left it on a low flame to get its game face on..

When looking delicious enough as it is!! And making the kitchen smell divine by the way! Added the desi saag.. Mixed up.. Lid on.. Flame off..

Mixed up the dough ready for the flatbreads.. Simple sifted gold flour, with pimped Lebanese mrs Middletons oil. Water to bind.. all chopped through with a knife .. Into a ball.. Into the fridge..

Off to the pub..

Returned from the pub..

Bread out.. Chopped into chunks. rolled into balls then rolled out.. heated on the iron pan.. pressing the bubbles down when they rose.. Buttered and wrapped in a tea towel to keep warm.. Best thing the tea towel to keep flatbreads warm.

Flame back under the Christmas desi saag lamb

(Desi saag by the way is pre-prepared mustard leaf, spinach, kale and herbs and spices.. It’s very cool stuff!)

Chef ping assisted with the Tilda family’s fusion rice number..

Plated and scoffed ..

Great storecupboard number.. Great20140626-072918-26958544.jpg











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4 replies

  1. Are you Indian Mr Fitz..Your curries and bread look so it!! Yum 😋


  2. I like your battered tava and blue le creuset – the curry looks great too! 🙂 Kudos on the breads, I can never be bothered 🙂


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