Brazilian rice with BBQ lamb and French beans

The World Cup continues.. And I needed something to get my teeth stuck into.. Ahem..

It’s also festival weekend and fiesta friday..

This is a dish perfect for both..

Still in use up mode.. A quick scan of the indoor freezer declared a couple of BBQ lamb steaks.. Don’t recall which bbq they were from . Must go through the posts!

Defrosted and chopped..

A pink onion chopped and fried off with mrs Middletons pimped roscoff garlic and Italian chilli oils..

Smelling superb the lamb added to the pan and a good amount of French beans.. Sizzle sizzle sozzle.. (Hic!)

Adding the Brazilian rice from the tilda family.. #tilda , Their rice concoctions really are very good indeed.. And for times like these just perfect..

Fried off till the rice is catching a little on the bottom of the pan.. Reminds me of a rice dish my attorney makes..

A delicious one pan wonder..

And something to really get my teeth stuck into..

For desert it had to be a screwball..

Who doesn’t like a screwball?

Happy fiesta/festival friday.. 20140627-065018-24618080.jpg




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11 replies

  1. Ah…hahahaha!! Welcome to Fiesta Friday, Mr Fitz!! I must ask… what that cut of lamb a shoulder?!! 🙂 This looks so delicious.. such a great one pan wonder to bring to FF’s table!! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us… and now I’m off to Google to see exactly what a screwball is.. haha!! Wonderful post… and you won’t be suspended for sinking your teeth into this one! 🙂


    • The cut is rib chops.. A tasty yet cheap cut ., I only seem to be able to get it from my butcher.. Gong think it’s done too ‘commercially’ ? Screwballs are cool! You don’t get them over there ? Sheesh! Poor kid/ults


  2. And how long did that poor dog have to wait before you gave him his share? He (it is a he?) looks so desperate for just a taste!


  3. Haven’t had lamb in ages…and it looks fab with the green beans; that rice I haven’t come across. Really must hit the shops soon. So has Mrs Fitz removed herself from the house during World Cup?


    • It’s pretty good rice I must say .. Their biryani one is also very good.. I don’t have enough lamb.. I forget I like it! Mrs Fitz is off in Eire.. To be honest I ain’t a massive Kickball fan.. !!


  4. Lamb and green beans- two of my favorites. You’re making me so hungry, Mr. Fitz!



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