Store cupboard soup for supper? Really?

You may have noticed that we have been eating rather a lot of the beefs recently.. Even to the point where Mrs Fitz and my Attorney have pointed this fact out.. Humph ..

So deciding against cooking down the lovely beef ribs I had planned we had soup..


Yup.. soup

Good soup mind you.. A wholesome number that actually I could have scrapped the small bit of meat that I did pop into it.. This is a hearty number.. Loosely based on a minestrone I suppose..

This is all store cupboard stuff ..

Fried shallots with some cut up pieces if woburn black bacon.. Adding vegetable stock.. And a bag of no need to soak minestrone mix.. I have had this hanging around for a while so it had to be time to give it a whirl..

Adding the bag to the stock.. And a bottle of lovely Italian passata..

Doesn’t that bottle look cool?

Sherry vinegar and salt added..

Now that packet says ten minutes.. I don’t reckon it was ready in ten really.. Perhaps it was .. either way we added more pasta.. because it didn’t look hearty enough for a supper.. and also a bunch of chopped country ham..

And some of the chopped free greens..

Now whilst eating this we both agreed that it really didn’t need the meat!!

His mad is that?? Two meatless dishes in one day! Mind you.. The dollop of sour cream and the fresh sesame garlic breads, made by finding the bread in the freezer and Mrs Fitz whooping up a quick fresh garlic butter.. you can cook it straight from frozen so you should always pick up the reduced French sticks when you see them in store!

A super souper soup supper.. 20140618-070918-25758257.jpg










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  1. That bacon looks amazing….


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