Free food challenge number one -green stuff

We are lucky where we live, lots of nice people about.. Sure you get the mad ones that you need to avoid, like everywhere! Yet pretty much all is good.. That’s middle England for you I guess?

It also means that people do share things… And I got given a bag of veggies grown by a lovely chap called Vince.. Now Vince.. More on him to come soon.. He is like king of the allotments around here… And I shall be hanging out with him to learn and write some pieces on the veggie growing world in the next few weeks..

So presented with this bounty I was also presented with a challenge ..

What to make!!?!

Decided on the greens.. (They looked like they needed eating first!)

After thinking about a few things..

If had to be a take on pakora, of bhaji or fritter or whatever you choose to call em! AND THIS IS A VEGAN RECIPE..

Chopped up the greens.. Seasoned with onion powder, garlic granules and a couple if other bits..

A batter made to the consistency of single cream.. from gram flour, (the absolutely perfect flour for this.. water.. Himalayan rock salt, garam masala, mango powder, madras powder, ajwain seeds, Bristol blend pepper and coriander and lemon seasoning .. Perhaps a little touch of another couple of bits too..

All mixed up and popped into the fridge to leave set for a short while..

While still fridge cold , spooned into hot mrs Middletons oil in the trusty wok.. Fried and flipped until crispy.

Now here is a little magic for you…

Drain them on brown paper.. I usually find that the best brown paper for this is the one outta IKEA. The one they let you have to wrap your purchases in.. Ahem ..

Draining fried foods on brown paper keeps them crispy.. The science bit? No gooey eyed deer.. It just works! Try it!

While still hot a few twists of Mediterranean flower salt . and there you have the wonderful non greasy-eat your greens- what to make with the free food- deliciousness ..

Popped a few around to the neighbours.. They seemed happy also…

Now what to do with those turnips..






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  1. Ikea brown paper!! I am still laughing!! The pakoras look fabulous by the way and I can’t wait to read more about Vince, King of the Allotment…


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