Redborne school farm chopping and eating gyoza & tenderloin fresh from the piggie.. 

i went off to have a play with a good pal of mine.. Ben runs an excellent school farm as well as teaching the students about looking after wonderful animals.. All good for eating.. 

He has lovely pigs. 


As well as the turkeys getting ready for Christmas.. They really are good looking things with loads of room and air.. 

As well as the Sheeps and lambs that are wandering about the fields..

This outing is about the pig though.. 

This one..Well this half plus a few other pieces.. 

 And chop chop away .. Interesting cuts that will become wonderful cured pieces of very fine delicious delicacys.. Plus sausages and prime cuts of course.. 

We need to stop for lunch.. So taking some meat straight off the animal.. 

Mixing it up with Japanese soy sauce, chives, French garlic, sesame oil.. Chilli.rice wine vinegar and some mirin. And Chinese lettuce.. Making some patties out of the bits that didn’t make it into the gyoza


Into wrappers for pot stickers..


Sizzled in the pan and then boiling water to steam them through.,then tossed in dumpling sauce..

Also a pice of loin.. Butter soft and tender.. Just with some Japanese soy and  sesame oil ..sugar and onion granules and probably other stuff that I have now forgotten.. 

Ben made a most excellent couple of salads.. A carrot pumpkin seed and cumin one.. And a real doozy of a sharp apple and cucumber number.. Lacking in a little dill ( his comment yet agreed with).. 

And a couple of pieces of wonderful pork pie.. 


Good day out that… Thanks Ben.. And Rob.. ( he helped with the butchering most excellently).. ✌️


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