#theporkiestsausagerollseverintheworld for macintyre day

just fancied writing the title that way..  Suppose now if anyone ever does a search for the #porkiestsausagerollsintheworld then at least they will see this post too right? 

It was time to make sausage rolls again for the troops at Mrs Fitz’s work establishment.. Yet this time I wanted to pork them up.. Turn the pork control to eleven so to speak. 

So a bit of freezer foraging turned up a great piece of Gloucester old spot shoulder.. 


Defrosted and cut up .. Into the slo cooker with some aromatics for 13 hours.. 

Ending up like this! 

Very tasty pulled pork indeed.. 

Also needed some stuffing to help these pimped up pork treats.. 

More freezer foraging uncovered some high grade pork stuffing balls.. So with the addition of a packet mix that became excellent stuffing.. (Would have made for a fine sandwich I tell ta!).. 


The freezer also uncovered some of my own sausages.. Mystery flavour as I didn’t sharpie the bag.. Smell good though! 


Would have been one of those in the link above!

So to assemble these now declared epic sausage rolls.. 

Shop bought pastry.. (Apologies really didn’t have the time to make a Lardy rough puff).. 

Sausage meat on the bottom.. Then pulled slow cooked pork.. Then the stuffing.. All topped off with Bramley apple sauce.. 


Keep going till there are two trays full.. 

 Cut into ‘two bite’ pieces.. 

Now let’s just ramp this pork show right up huh? 🎉

Taken a few excellent pork cracklings from our butcher.. 


Smacked up.. And crumbled over the top of the free range egg (from my pal Bens farm) washed sausage rolls.. 


BAM !! 

that’s porky fineness right there! 

Cooked in a hot oven till done.. 

 I freely admit to eating a few of the more misshapen ones.. And mate they were good!

Yet there you go.. Am sure the people of Mrs Fitz’s work will enjoy them.. 


(The Rosemary was picked from our somewhat foggy garden this morning).. Please do take it for your own.. ( from this platter not our garden of course!).. 😉

Also now taking Christmas orders on sausage rolls plus excellent meats and trimmings.. 🍴

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  1. Hungry just reading this, they look absolutely delicious!! tnx.

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