BlythburgH belly & prudys sweet potato chips..meat & 1 veg

Managed to score a great piece of blythburgh piggie.. From the fantastic butchers, there was a nice lady in there too getting some.  I hope it cooked well for her.. It was her first time cooking belly pork..and she said she had one supper guest who said they didn’t eat pork.. Well I bet they wanted some once cooked.. !

It really is the ultimate free range pork that you can buy on a regular basis.. Do seek it out if you are in the UK.. Of course there are always those extra special piggies you can find from time to time.. And if you look hard enough you will for sure end up finding a great piece of pork.  And what a difference it makes! I think of all meats you really can taste the differences in pork.. So many people avoid it as its can taste too ‘fishy’ (usually due to the feed)., or goes ‘dry’ not enough natural juices running through the meat.. Amd lots of other reasons that my one finger typing cannot support right now! 

And it loves a good rub.. Well cited the rind.. A half kettle of boiling water poured over the skin. Then dried off. The hot water really separates the score mark and opens it right up for the rub.  


That mustard seeds, fennel seeds, bay leaves, caraway seeds, maldon salt, Bristol blend peppercorns, white Thai pepper and a heap of bashing with the pestle., or is that bit the mortar? Dunno.. 

Once rubbed into both sides of the @blythburgh belly..

   And more salt added too! 

Into the oven at full whack for twenty odd minutes then down to 150 for about three hours.. 


Adding Worcestershire sauce and some other bits too the juices.. As it goes back up heat for a final blast.. And all those juices get magically sucked back up into the meat.. Very cool! 

Onto the sweet potato chips.. 

Peeled and sliced up with the crinkle cutter.. 

Into a pan of reverse osmosis water and white vinegar .. 


Five minutes from cool.. The drained on a wire rack.  

Dusted with semolina flour.. 

And fried off twice in regular @mrsmiddletonsoil 


Some cyder vinegar , Vegemite salt and Turkish urfa pepper as a seasoning.  


The pork cut into a thickish piece.. A little thick balsamic to help through the meaty treat.. 

Onto the plate.. 


Meat and one veg…  Done.. 👐👊



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  1. Sounds fab! Not sure what they do over here with all the pork skin – when i buy pork belly, it’s been removed. I suppose because it’s considered ‘fat’. Fortunately, I had the pleasure of eating some of the real stuff recently at The Bell in Alderminster. Perfection!

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