Barbecue chicken & biryani

I think this is the last of the chickens..

Here may be another hiding in the chest freezer yet I reckon this is it..

Buying those chickens at such a great reduced price from waitrose has supplied us with many lovely meals.. And for a next to nothing cost! Genius !!

For this little bird I decided on a tikka Indiana kinda number .. normally I would add yoghurt also yet didn’t have any on the fridge.. must write that up on the chalkboard to pick up!

Defrosted and stripped it from its skin .. I know that crispy chicken skin is the business.. yet I need to try get as much flavour into the flesh as possible.. So it got a good slashing also..

The Shan family provided the spice .. their products really are excellent in taste as well as price..

And a drizzle of pimped mrs Middletons roscoff garlic oil provided the stick-ability factor..

Left in the fridge to hang out..

I am still using the coals I bought at a discount last summer! They were water damaged at the time ( got rained on) . So a little hit and miss sometimes.. I think I still have enough coals to last the season.. Let’s see..

Fired up the weber.. Good blaze!

Chicken popped onto the grill.. Was going great.. Coals burnt out! Oops!

So into the oven directly on the bars.. With a pan underneath to catch the drips .. Putting water into this pan also creates a good steam and keeps the bird good and moist.. it really works!

Bird cooked.. The biryani provided by the Tilda family .. It really is an excellent product! Chef ping looked after that ..

A quick sour cream and mint ‘dressing?’..

And supper was served .. Very much enjoyed..

Chicken and rice.. One of life’s great foodstuffs..





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