Jamaican blend sausages

‎Mr Fitz tries international flavours of the world.. just a couple of kilos of the finest Jamaican..

Wishful thinking?? Wistful dreaming? Nah.. wanna captcha those flavours of JAMAICA!

Scotch bonnet.. ginger, pimento, garlic.. some thyme.. and some ‘other’ secrets!

2 kilos of shoulder.. minced.. SEVEN scotch bonnets.. minced.. ginger, pimento and garlic powder.. some onion powder.. yeah so good I had to write it twice.. x

Also used some Bay Distil.. and coriander distil.. they should help with the flavours.. infact I reckon I finally have found a use for ’em! X

When handling scotch bonnets.. please please wear gloves!! These were frozen so easy peasey jamaican-eeezzy to mince.. seeds an all!!

Good seasoning.. memories and flavours of the wonderful island.. Father Fitz loves that island.. and one of his best pals.. and the man I consider ‘god father’ Robert Gregory.. a very cool man indeed.. very cool..

Anyways back to saussies.. these should be just the ticket with the weather we have.. a little jem of sunshine rays.. or they are gonna kill ya!!

If these work they will become a feature.. ready for purchase perhaps.. you never know.. x

For the meantime let’s get them sampled and snaffled.. any takers? Limited supplies!! X


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