Flapjacks and Wraps

‎Ok.. have tried.. I have tried.. well ok not tried persay.. yet thought very long and hard about it..

Porridge.. for sure it’s good for you.. and that slow release energy thingy is not to be sniffed at.. I did like ready brek as a kid.. think it was the idea of the ‘glow’ more than the sloppy spoon sticking gloop..

And sorry yet that is how I think about porridge.. any of ’em..


When Mrs Fitz melts butter and sugar.. mixes in loads of good healthy seeds.. the oats and golden syrup.. now your talking my language people’s x

Sprinkled with sea salt.. and eated slightly warm.. this is how porridge should be..

And for tea.. well the flapjack stole the show.. yet the chicken kebabs in morrocan flatbread with salad and Paul’s Pickles Carriots. Of fire were pretty darn cool also! X


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