No-bones fish & Duck legs

‎I promised Mrs Fitz I would get her some fish for supper without any bones.. I promised..

After lengthy discussions with the fish counter person.. who is very helpful I must say.. we arrived at the choice of some tilipia fillets..‎ mind you.. have you seen the price of fish these days? Sheesh o’riely!!!

So fish in hand.. into oven.. it’s one of these very intelligent ways of purchasing dish.. it’s in a foil pouch already.. with lemon and pepper butter and a slice of lime and a slice of lemon..

18 mins max.. think I over did it slightly yet the bag is giving.. thanks inventor of this bag thingy x

Same time it takes to re-cook my duck legs..

And to boil some spuds.. drain and crush ’em with some of steves leaves the ones with peashoots in.. good those leaves.. yet you gotta treat them like any bagged salad.. open and eat..

Otherwise you are eating a rapidly decaying compost!! Amazing how that happens so fast!

Good eating altogether..x

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