Happy Friday breakfast! & Doner kebab

Happy Friday..

Breakfast today of two types of yoghurt from the dairy collective.. a blood orange and a passion fruit.. lovely yoghurt them.. you really must track ’em down.. with figs.. they are lovely and jammy at the moment.. and a couple of rounds of petit mange blanc.. with of course a bowlful of coffee..x

‎And had to make more doner kebab.. or gyros.. am now well known as making the finest meat in this god damn town!! X (well ok maybe this village! Ahem x)

Mutton this time.. full mutton.. should have gone for an alternate meat also.. Lamb.. pork or beef works well as a counter balance..

Anyhoo.. minced up fine with the finest setting.. mixed up with the secret seasoning.. baked in oven for 50 mins.. wrap in foil and leave for as long as you can take it..

Snaffle the ‘off cuts’ after passing it through the bacon slicer.. vac pac the rest to avoid temptation.. x

Happy Friday yall! X


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