Supper at Charlie Palmers Four seasons Vegas.. and Mickey J Cirque..

Went for a supper at Charly Palmers inside the Four Seasons here in Las Vegas..

The service was straight outta a comedy sketch! It was like a reality show where they take people that have never worked in the service industry and put them under pressure!!

The food? The MOST bizarre seezerr salad..

Like a whole heart of romaine.. warped (yeah that’s on porpoise) in a tiny piece of prosciutto ham.. a couple anchovies.. freezing cold anchovies, tomatoes.. some past their date peppers.. and the most amount of dressing (again fridge cold) you have ever imagined!! Sheesh!!

Mains? The guy next to me had a fillet steak.. he liked it.. I had chicken.. and didn’t.. sorry.. x

Desert? A chocolately cake..

The highlight?

Went to see the Michael jackson show.. and apart from the ‘hat act’, you know the style.. throwing hats about.. I HATE that.. it’s a pet peev!!

The show was amazing.. truly amazing..

Am off in the quest for better food x

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