Fish lunch and samosa chaat

It Friday.. so fish for Mrs Fitz..

After much discussion with the woman on the fish counter about which would not have bones.. we minimised the risk by taking ‎on some fillets of mackerel.. in the oven bag..

Uhoh.. there were bones.. just a few yet enough to put Mrs Fitz off..

To go with? Pulled some spuds outta the bath.. the fresh picked courgette My pal Wally gave me yesterday.. some of the last garlic from the PYO Grove farm place.. and a bay red onion.. oh! And some sun semi dried tomatoes.. all chopped and fried in Mrs Middleton’s rapeseed oil and Italian herbs..

Delicious.. minus the bones.. sorry darlink x

For Mr Fitz?

Off to Balas for the best samosa chaat.. like seriously this is truly the best samosa chaat x

Wonderful samosas.. great sauces and the only time I will eat chickpeas.. it’s yummy doodle doo baayyy!! X

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