Kinsale part two

Have gone for the fish and chips upon Chef Johnny Hartnett’s recommendation ‎.. and I must admit.. apart from that I do not normally eat the shishies.. it was fantastic.. is it being by the sea that does that to you? Gottta be huh? X

Mrs Fitz went for lasagne..  (not the greatest at all..shame..) and sister in law Carol .. had the same as me.. we both got the the point of it!

Kinsale in the sunshine.. beautiful.. never got to have the icecream sundaes though..‎next time mebbe..

Found the artist gallery that Mrs Fitz loves so much.. Eoin O’connor.. she knew him as a kid.. Father Fitz bought Mrs Fitz one when we were all in Cork together.. nice memories.. nice x

Gonna get the ‘the licker’ print.. and ‘big nose’..

Just deciding how to get them home..

Kinsale is full of food ‎places.. and deserves more time spent.. we shall!! X yaya! X

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