Lonestar grill.. and pasta supper

‎Was looking forward to visiting this place.. the Lonestar grill.. supposedly a cool Americana joint.. well according to trip advisor.. of which ‘A’ they have 12 nice friends.. ‘B’ it’s true..

So off I tootled..

Upon arrival it’s in a strange place yet ok.. and it’s dark.. like it’s closed dark! A bit sparse on the inside.. yet menu reads fine.. Burnt ends.. yummy!

Ahhh.. problem‎o… there is a lunch menu on the tables.. people are booking takeout that’s a good sign.. yet hang on.. does this mean that I can’t order from the mains?


Yes it does.. buggerz.. they are only selling burgers and hotdogs.. and grilled cheese.. well see for yourself..

I must say they looked pretty maxed out on just a few orders.. who nose what it would be like at full steam.. x

So the server looks at me.. and says “can I help you?”.. I look back and ask for burnt ends.. server replies… “we only do the full menu 5pm till 10pm”.. that’s a shame says Mr Fitz.. and I leave..

Dejected.. hungry.. and disappointed.. sure I get that lunch service can be tough.. and for the area they are in a possible deal breaker.. yet c’mon.. at least a shortened version.. chicken wings? At least..

Will I go back for 5pm till 10pm? Not in a hurry.. sorry..

So for our supper? Pasta shelly things.. with a nice ragu.. it was ok.. I think I prefer spaghetti..x


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