Mr Fitz pork and leek sausages last of the bath spuds

Made some pork and leek sausages.. its been a terribly autumnal day today.. we had a SMACK of thunder followed by hailstones!!! Sheesh almighty! ‎So decided pork and leek sausages would make the perfect supper..

Pawed up some of the last of the bath spuds.. gonna give up on the bath next season.. reckon the pots are producing a little more.. even with the layering technique.. humph!

Oven baked saussies.. par boiled and Keith Floyd style ‘roasties’.. in mrs Middleton’s oil.. lid on.. steam and fry away.. makes perfect roasties.. I forget this technique and am always real pleased when I remember it! ‎It’s a winner winner Ummm sausage dinner? Every time x

Served with butter peas and a red onion thyme and rosemary beef gravy.. blinkin brilliant.. great supper , we both agreed..

And Cora Murley an Mr Wentworth seem to be getting on cool.. although a leetle crazious x

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